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land pi-tai system

The land pi-tai system (LPTS) is using the vortex of power in a way which I hope to prove will protect dwellings and people from wind and other damaging weather phenomenon.  By an understanding of how nature works with the vortex, putting this awesome principle to work allows us to work with nature rather than against it.  The vortex is integral to biodynamic agriculture and Viktor Schauberger understood its principles in water and the workings of nature.  Those same principles can be utilized when understood and applied to a new way of living within nature and allowing nature to nurture man rather than fearing nature and its weather extremes.  I will explain in greater detail how the workings of the LPTS can be applied both in theory and practice.  So stay tuned.  (to be cont’d)



You may have been told, ‘You can’t run away from yourself’, while in actuality you can and I’ll tell you how & why that is.  There is a dichotomy which exists inside of each one of us. This dichotomy came about because we all have eaten of the fruit of the tree called knowledge of good & evil.  The fruit of that tree has now matured and sown millions of seeds many times over to create a plethora of options known as conditions, societal norms, social structure or even the fabric of life. That fabric of life is ‘out-there’ (that term ‘out-there’ has special significance as pointed out by Yahuwshua which is variously called outer darkness or darkness of mind, etc.)  and is called ‘reality’ or the real world and is [pointed to/defended/scientifically shown/physically proven/] to be true. While the ego-self is the knowing of and/or choosing between knowledge of good & evil, it is the judgment which Yahuwshua said to ‘judge not lest you be judged’ which produces fruit within one.  Choosing to judge (for) another man via that tree of knowledge of good & evil gives rise to healthy growth conditions for optimizing more fruit from that tree.  Each piece of fruit created has many more seeds within it to sow and bring forth more fruit in each man and woman to create more trees which grow up to maturity sowing more fruit which makes more seeds which again, having the right growth conditions optimized via choosing to judge another using that knowledge gives rise to more fruit and the process continues until we arrive today at such a convoluted mess of entanglement which seems to defy unraveling.  Where is the answer? Where is the solution?  Where is the WAY out of this morass?  Paul of Tarsus from the scriptures said this about the dilemma man finds himself in.  Who will deliver me from the body of this death?  The WAY is the answer and while Christianity is called the way of life, the early Christians were only called followers of theWAY.  I have chosen to distinguish followers of theWAY from the so-called Christians because Christians in church(es) have become churchified and are no more doers of what Jesus/Yahuwshua said to do than those who don’t sit inside a building known as church.  Man who chooses life are those who have been called to ‘come out of her my people’.  Man who choose to seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness are those who follow theWAY, theTRUTH and theLIFE.  Man who choose to seek is the man who will find. Man who choose to ask will receive and man who choose to knock find an open door.  That open door is within man.  It is not out there where deception and lies are the norm and has become so ubiquitous, so common-place that it is now accepted as the the societal structure and is defended by those men who believe in it so much they are willing to kill to keep others from leaving the chains of constraint they have constructed around themselves.  Those chains of constraint are what make the ego-self so powerful and so convoluted that one in a million may not find themselves free from within nor, for that matter do they want to be set free.  They have become so comfortable with their chains that they wear them as ornaments and badges adorning their walls of the ego-self.  Within, however, is also the spirit-self which is found when one will take the time & make the effort to ‘sit on a mountain top to find God’ and recognize that inner voice which says, ‘this is theWAY, walk in it whenever one turns to the left or the right’(Ps.     ) The spirit-self is also known as spirit man or spiritual man.  However, the term spirit man has been so churchified, it has become useless to help one understand how to find theWAY to theTRUTH so that one may live theLIFE which God theFATHER YHVH has said to choose life because I have set before you life and death.   The dichotomy of self is accentuated when one chooses to be still and know that I AM YHVH.  That dichotomy is muddied when paying attention to THEreality known as the real world or physical world and becomes paramount in one’s life and further convoluted by the ‘authorities’ whether they be called government or officials or scientists or doctors or lawyers or others with a title which is worn as their ornamental badge of ego-self.  ‘For I have no respect for persons nor the title of man’(Ps.    )  Whew, I hear some of you saying.  That’s a mouthful of information and it will take some time to digest.  Don’t fear, worry or be anxious about it as we will work our way through it and it will begin to make more sense as we go into more detail with it.

The ego-self vs the spirit self.  That which is within compared to that which only appears to come from within but is only created from within by that which appears from outside of one’s self.   (to be cont’d)


Why does man have a ‘first and last name’ today? Why are we ‘given’ a name by our (earthly) father&mother and a ‘last name’ is ‘given’ man by the birth certificate?  I first began to notice that man in the Bible was only called by a first name and identified by that name and/or by his trade or place he lived. He was not given a first and last name as it is today.  Since then, I’ve read a comment someplace else that basically says that a given first name is true and a last name is a fiction created by the state from a birth certificate and when you put a fiction together with a truth, the end result is a lie, a fiction.  That reminded me of something which Jesus (Yahuwshua) said from the scriptures about a little leaven leavens(infects) the whole lump. So, what is your name and do you identify yourself the way that God(YHVH) used to identify you or do you identify yourself the way the state identifies you with a first and last name via a birth certificate, a social security number, a driver’s license, an EIN and other numbers?  What is your name and what is the name of God?

I will take the time now to thank someone who has been inspirational to me throughout the years whether she realizes it or not.  She has given me so many words of wisdom, gems which I constantly refer to.  Thank you, AMY!  Her simple, concise way of explaining things has given me the impetus to start writing this blog.  When she told me years ago that ‘every story consists of is, first, you tell them what you’re going to tell them, then, you tell them, then, you tell them what you told them’.  I remembered that when I listened to a preacher explaining that ‘Jesus, after the temptation of those days began to preach the kingdom of God is at hand.  Then, throughout the new testament(basically three years of His life) He explained the kingdom of God with parables and examples.  At the end, Jesus declared that He had accomplished the task of the ‘kingdom of God at hand’.’  That triggered in me a wonderful moment of epiphany thanks to my sister.  Thanks, Amy!!!

What is His Name and what is His Son’s Name?  Does He have a birth certificate?  How about a social security number or driver’s license?  What about His checking account number or His 401K?  Does He not exist because He is not ‘licensed, certified, inspected, insured and verified by the state’?  Just some thoughts albeit somewhat humorous you might say. However, when you truly think about it, as in ‘thinking outside the box’, are we, man, not created in His image?  If we are created in the image of God(YHVH/Jesus/Yahuwshua) then, do we need a driver’s license to ‘identify’ us?  Do we need a birth certificate to identify us? Do we need a social security card to identify us?  And something else to chew upon while you’re thinking up some clever response(s) to that:  How can a birth certificate and a social security card/number truly identify us?  Can either of those be used as identification?  Then how can the two which cannot be used for identification magically be transformed into a card/number/driver’s license which CAN be used for identification?  Do those cards & numbers truly identify me?  Really?????  Does God need a card or number in order to identify me with?  Or is it enough that I’m created in His image?  Does His image include a number?a license?a card?a what?  If a number is needed in order for me to be ‘identified’, then why did God smite King David’s heart when he numbered his troops?  I’m sure there are some out there who may have heard the logic and rationalization that I’ve heard from pulpit pastors about ‘numbering’ back then was different/not needed/not lawful or legal, ad nauseum.  However, is numbering of a man today truly any different than numbering of a man back then.  Did Jesus set us free from the law or is the law king today?  Do you rejoice when ‘the law’ stops you and feel safer because ‘the law’ is protecting you?  Or have you who want to be free from the law not subjected yourselves to … more law?  Is your name your identity or a portal to a number(ing) system which has made you into merchandise or human resource?

My name is Thomas and for those who need a last name, then you may call me Thomas ofYHVH. 

 I’m Thomas from down on the farm at New Earth a-n-d that’s the view from the farm.

Merry Christ Mass

I once read that Christmas means Christ Mass which comes from Catholicism. It refers to the mass of Christ or celebrating the death of Christ. I do not know if this is true or not. Does anyone know or have heard of this before?
BTW (by the way 😉 Why do we not celebrate the 7 feasts of the Lord? There are the four spring festivals or feasts and the three fall feasts. Another thought is this: Why do we use the (pope) Gregory or Gregorian calendar which the Roman Catholic pope made which is based upon the sun cycle rather than the calendar which is based upon the moon cycle which is where the original month or moonth came from? Another query to those open to such questions is: Why does the ‘day’ begin at midnight and not at sunset which is what the Holy Bible said was the beginning and ending of a ‘day’? I’m not putting biblical references in here at this time but if you would like them you may ask in your comment(s)
And last (maybe) question: Why does the year in pope(Gregorian’s) calendar begin in the ‘dead of winter’ and not in the spring as originally created by the Creator whom it is acknowledged that HE is Yah or YHVH? I suspect but have not read nor received any inspiration (yet) that the answer to the above questions has to do with the deception which Yah said He would put upon those who ‘loved not the truth…but delighted in unrighteousness'(not exactly quoted obviously but it comes from 2 Thessolonians I believe)
I’m doing a quick post here but just wanted to jot down some thoughts and wish each one out there PEACE & BLESSINGS, from Thomas ofYHVH

Seek first the Kingdom of God

Several years ago I was confronted with the word ‘kingdom’. I thought I knew what it meant until a certain pastor from Jamaica said, ‘You Americans are hindered in your understanding of what a kingdom is because you’ve lived your whole life in a democracy. I, on the other hand, having grown up in Jamaica under British rule, where everything is owned & controlled by the King of England…’
After that introduction to a renewed understanding of what a kingdom is, I began to see the kingdom of God everywhere, starting first with the gospels in the new testament. I found out that after the temptation of Jesus that Jesus began to preach the kingdom of God. All throughout the gospels He is explaining what the kingdom of God is about. Now I see the kingdom in a whole new light and it’s all because I put into practice the verse, ‘Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness’. Putting first things first or setting my priorities has become a theme to my life. It has helped me find my way.
So, what difference does just seeking the kingdom of God make, I can hear some of you asking. Well, for starters, it is doing what Jesus said, not just giving him lip-service [But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves.Jas 1:22] Also, for those of you who are familiar with the ‘Law of Attraction’, you already realize that whatever you focus on, think about or look for, that you will find. I was made painfully aware of setting my focus on what I wanted, not what I wanted to avoid when learning how to hangglide. We were in a bowl-shaped stadium which had been dug out maybe 35 ft. deep and the only obstacle on the whole field was a goal post. My instructor said to ‘avoid the goal post…’ As I watched those goal posts in order not to hit them, I flew right into them. The only thing that saved me was to crash land before hitting them. It’s not good enough to avoid what you do not want. You have to know what it is that you want/ what it is that you desire/ what are you aiming for? For me, that is the kingdom of God and that is what I’ve set my hopes & dreams, passions & desires and efforts & energies toward accomplishing. I will tell you about that vision in the next short article I post.
Just an after-thought: Since my last posting, I’ve had to search withing myself to find myself. Now I can begin… Again!