You may have been told, ‘You can’t run away from yourself’, while in actuality you can and I’ll tell you how & why that is.  There is a dichotomy which exists inside of each one of us. This dichotomy came about because we all have eaten of the fruit of the tree called knowledge of good & evil.  The fruit of that tree has now matured and sown millions of seeds many times over to create a plethora of options known as conditions, societal norms, social structure or even the fabric of life. That fabric of life is ‘out-there’ (that term ‘out-there’ has special significance as pointed out by Yahuwshua which is variously called outer darkness or darkness of mind, etc.)  and is called ‘reality’ or the real world and is [pointed to/defended/scientifically shown/physically proven/] to be true. While the ego-self is the knowing of and/or choosing between knowledge of good & evil, it is the judgment which Yahuwshua said to ‘judge not lest you be judged’ which produces fruit within one.  Choosing to judge (for) another man via that tree of knowledge of good & evil gives rise to healthy growth conditions for optimizing more fruit from that tree.  Each piece of fruit created has many more seeds within it to sow and bring forth more fruit in each man and woman to create more trees which grow up to maturity sowing more fruit which makes more seeds which again, having the right growth conditions optimized via choosing to judge another using that knowledge gives rise to more fruit and the process continues until we arrive today at such a convoluted mess of entanglement which seems to defy unraveling.  Where is the answer? Where is the solution?  Where is the WAY out of this morass?  Paul of Tarsus from the scriptures said this about the dilemma man finds himself in.  Who will deliver me from the body of this death?  The WAY is the answer and while Christianity is called the way of life, the early Christians were only called followers of theWAY.  I have chosen to distinguish followers of theWAY from the so-called Christians because Christians in church(es) have become churchified and are no more doers of what Jesus/Yahuwshua said to do than those who don’t sit inside a building known as church.  Man who chooses life are those who have been called to ‘come out of her my people’.  Man who choose to seek first the kingdom of God & His righteousness are those who follow theWAY, theTRUTH and theLIFE.  Man who choose to seek is the man who will find. Man who choose to ask will receive and man who choose to knock find an open door.  That open door is within man.  It is not out there where deception and lies are the norm and has become so ubiquitous, so common-place that it is now accepted as the the societal structure and is defended by those men who believe in it so much they are willing to kill to keep others from leaving the chains of constraint they have constructed around themselves.  Those chains of constraint are what make the ego-self so powerful and so convoluted that one in a million may not find themselves free from within nor, for that matter do they want to be set free.  They have become so comfortable with their chains that they wear them as ornaments and badges adorning their walls of the ego-self.  Within, however, is also the spirit-self which is found when one will take the time & make the effort to ‘sit on a mountain top to find God’ and recognize that inner voice which says, ‘this is theWAY, walk in it whenever one turns to the left or the right’(Ps.     ) The spirit-self is also known as spirit man or spiritual man.  However, the term spirit man has been so churchified, it has become useless to help one understand how to find theWAY to theTRUTH so that one may live theLIFE which God theFATHER YHVH has said to choose life because I have set before you life and death.   The dichotomy of self is accentuated when one chooses to be still and know that I AM YHVH.  That dichotomy is muddied when paying attention to THEreality known as the real world or physical world and becomes paramount in one’s life and further convoluted by the ‘authorities’ whether they be called government or officials or scientists or doctors or lawyers or others with a title which is worn as their ornamental badge of ego-self.  ‘For I have no respect for persons nor the title of man’(Ps.    )  Whew, I hear some of you saying.  That’s a mouthful of information and it will take some time to digest.  Don’t fear, worry or be anxious about it as we will work our way through it and it will begin to make more sense as we go into more detail with it.

The ego-self vs the spirit self.  That which is within compared to that which only appears to come from within but is only created from within by that which appears from outside of one’s self.   (to be cont’d)


About HisChurchatNewEarthFarm

Thomas is the name given me by my Father YHVH. For those who need/require a last name you may call me Thomas ofYHVH. Creating a New Earth farm/garden is the ideal way to show and do what I believe I was put on this earth for this moment in time. I am implementing a land pi-tai system of use which I believe will prove its worth as I outline it in future posts. The fiat system of money-changers, bankers, mammon,etc has now passed and a return to freely you have received, freely give is upon us. Waking up from the dream state and walking through the darkness by faith, I've arrived at this point of my life in time. Today is the beginning of my true journey in the world.

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