tree of knowledge of good & evil vs tree of life

So, what’s on your mind? Or, should I say, what are you thinking? If you think that you can choose between/judge what is good and what is bad then, are you using the fruit you have learned from that ‘tree of knowledge of good & evil? Would you be better off using fruit from the tree of life and forego the knowledge you’ve learned from the other tree? Just some thoughts which I’ve been playing around with over the last year or so…
Should we even think about the difference between those 2 sources of knowledge/trees? Should we even deign to believe that we as man, can understand something so complex and, and what? INCOMPREHENSIBLE??? Is that what you are saying? Is it incomprehensible? Do you truly believe there is anything we (you and I) are created to ‘not’ understand? Did Jesus say, ‘whatsoever you believe it shall be done unto you’? So I ask, WHAT DO YOU BELIEVE?


About HisChurchatNewEarthFarm

Thomas is the name given me by my Father YHVH. For those who need/require a last name you may call me Thomas ofYHVH. Creating a New Earth farm/garden is the ideal way to show and do what I believe I was put on this earth for this moment in time. I am implementing a land pi-tai system of use which I believe will prove its worth as I outline it in future posts. The fiat system of money-changers, bankers, mammon,etc has now passed and a return to freely you have received, freely give is upon us. Waking up from the dream state and walking through the darkness by faith, I've arrived at this point of my life in time. Today is the beginning of my true journey in the world.

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