I have wanted to write this for a long time now but was hindered by what, I am not sure.
While talking about the kingdom of God in earth, I was burdened by a burning question, namely, should I even consider that the kingdom of God should come to earth? Would it be advisable to think of what if/why should it/is it possible/could it be??? So many questions were thrown up in my face that it’s taken me this long to write down what has been going on for the last several months. I am now certain that yes, I should write this and yes, this discussion is something which most Christians and seekers of the truth have avoided for way too long. Why that is may be addressed in this article and then again, maybe not. :-O !?!?
Set your priorities straight/first things first:
What that means is this, Jesus began to preach about the kingdom of God in earth as soon as He returned from the 40 days and nights of temptation. Throughout his 3 years of ministry recorded in the New Testament, His theme of ‘seek first the kingdom of God in earth…’ was covered in myriads of different ways and explained in many parables. So, yes, I think I must be in good company by talking about this topic which Jesus was adamant about teaching to others. So, the next question in my mind was this: Doesn’t the Bible teach Christians that we are to look for the kingdom of God in heaven after we die/are caught up with Jesus in the air? Perhaps that is what your ‘501C-3 church'(a ‘church’ is defined as a 501C-3 when that organization chooses to be ‘determined'(judged) by the IRS giving jurisdiction/authority to that entity) is teaching you, but is that what the Scriptures teach? Did Jesus say to wait until you die before looking for the kingdom of God? Did He say the kingdom of God will not come until later? Or, did He say the kingdom of God is here now, ‘at hand’? Most biblical scholars and the rest of us ‘non-scholarly’ types know enough of the Bible to remember the parables Jesus spoke of the kingdom of God being here now. Once you look through the New Testament searching for references to the kingdom of God, you find that Jesus was constantly speaking of this and, in fact, His whole ministry was based upon teachings centered around the kingdom of God in earth as it is in heaven. I’m not going to go through an extensive list of all those references right now, perhaps that may come up in a future article but only time will tell. Right now, I want to talk about what The Kingdom Of God In Earth As It Is In Heaven or the ‘TKOGIEAIIIH’ as we like to call it in its shortened version looks like.
The TKOGIEAIIIH has to be independent and separate and self-sustainable from all other governments, corporations and bodies. It is a real place but it can only exist with or within real people as man and/or woman. It cannot be coupled to a dead, non-existent person or corpus/corporation. That ‘joining’ together of the dead man/corpus with a living soul/man creates a fiction known as person/persona/corporation which is dead. A man must ‘come out of her’ and be separate(d) from the ‘her’ which represents the whore sitting on top of the beast(Rev 14:6) in order to fully comprehend the significance of the TKOGIEAIIIH. When one (man/woman) chooses to seek first (foremost, preeminently, primarily, prioritized, principally) the kingdom of God in earth as it is in heaven, then, and only then can it be found. [Note: If you are looking for something, would you be able to find it if you do not know what it is you’re looking for nor would you be able to find it even if you stumbled over it, you wouldn’t know what it was] So, in summary, Seek first the kingdom of God in earth as it is in heaven and sell all that you have and buy it/trade for it/search it out. If you ask, you will receive; if you seek, you will find; if you knock, it will open unto you.
Now that I’ve explained what I’m looking for to you, allow me to explain the why of that. My whole life has centered around one thought: TRUTH That search for the truth has never been far from my thoughts from the very first memories I can recall. I have looked for truth in everything & everywhere from science to medicine, chemistry to physics, biology to religion to politics & government to, well, you name it, I’ve probably searched through that also. The bottom line is that everything and I do mean, everything, is a lie. Perhaps someone may tell me or show me something which is not a lie, at least, according to them, but I ask you this: “If that certain ‘something’ is authored by or associated with a lie, then can anything arising out of that association be considered ‘truth’?” Certainly not, how can it be that Jesus ‘associate’ with some thing/one that is a lie or a fiction? Put another way, “Can Christ be joined to Belial? God forbid.” We all know the answer to that question of course. No way! is the appropriate response. So, what are we left with? The corridor of truth begins to narrow substantially when we eliminate all the fictions posing as truth and the bottom line is: We do not need so many things we believe we do in order to live. One of the central fictions and perhaps it is, THE central fiction (or lie) that man has saddled him self with is the mammon issue. We have been sold a lie in believing that mammon is necessary in order to live. We have been told that we should work for money and provide for ???? for what? If we are working for something should it not be The Kingdom Of God In Earth As It Is In Heaven? Is there any other thing, organization, body, corpus or corporation worthy of our search? I am not aware of anything else if there is and I’ve been searching for a very long time.
Paul Bethke of His Holy Church made a statement which has forced me to focus on, as it turns out, an ever narrower way of life. His statement to me was that, ‘most people do not have any alternative to working for, in and being a part OF THE WORLD’. Because of that statement and the implied question behind it, I have decided to look for an alternative way. I have only found ONE way and it dovetails very nicely with THE truth and appears to embody (pun intended) the LIFE or CORPUS or BODY of Christ. I like to call it ‘the way, the truth and the life’. Perhaps I could call it TKOGIEAIIIH.
First, I had to identify what is needed to live. The short answer is 3.water 4.shelter. Some may say you need insurance or a savings account or a ‘stable’ government or guns or a walled city or…! I may be stepping out on a limb here but if my faith is in my Father in heaven providing for me and He has stated that I have freely received and all I need to do is freely give, then should my trust be in Him? Or should my trust be in my savings account or my job or my social security provided for by the father in D.C.?
Okay, what am I talking about here? I call it the land pi-tai system and I hope to be able to videotape the drawings which I’ve made which will provide a visual pictograph and perhaps, with someone more accomplished than I am with making movies, I will be able to demonstrate how this pi-tai system effectively protects the earth from tornadoes and damaging winds while providing for and supporting all who choose to live freely by coming out of her.


About HisChurchatNewEarthFarm

Thomas is the name given me by my Father YHVH. For those who need/require a last name you may call me Thomas ofYHVH. Creating a New Earth farm/garden is the ideal way to show and do what I believe I was put on this earth for this moment in time. I am implementing a land pi-tai system of use which I believe will prove its worth as I outline it in future posts. The fiat system of money-changers, bankers, mammon,etc has now passed and a return to freely you have received, freely give is upon us. Waking up from the dream state and walking through the darkness by faith, I've arrived at this point of my life in time. Today is the beginning of my true journey in the world.

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