I want to know the truth. That has been my goal from the very first memories as a child in this journey called life. I grew up on a farm where chemicals whether they were called fertilizer, pesticide or herbicide were believed to be God’s gift to mankind. Indoctrinated in Methodism, I rejected anything related to religion after seeing the hypocrisy of so-called Christians, believing then that they represented God. Science! Now,that was real and the real truth and that’s where I would find what life really is all about. Or so I believed after rejecting God’s first contact with me when He asked me to ‘follow Him’. “No way, I’m gonna have fun in life” was my response. Words which I regret today and any time I remember uttering those idiotic, ignorant, stupid words. FYI, I’ve since forgiven myself and now, today I am seeking first the kingdom of God and His righteousness(His Ways).
Education and the sciences. That’s the ticket. That’s where the truth will be found. High school and college and medical school… Oops!! My medical school career got cut short when I began working with Dr. DeBakey and his colleagues. Once I found out they were more interested in their egos and their money than they were interested in the truth, I left the university and wandered around aimlessly for a few years. Fortunately but unbeknownst to me, God had not abandoned me and was letting me choose my own way while He lead me through all those experiences and disappointments until I was ready to come back to Him. That only happened when I was ready to commit suicide and cried out, I guess in a last-ditch effort for some sense of it all with, ‘I don’t know if your name is buddah, allah or mohammed but if there is a god up there that cares. Help’ Well, a few weeks later a miraculous event happened to me. God talked to me (the first time I’d heard His voice in what…15 years or more). He told me to ‘pray in My Son’s Name, Jesus’ and later to ‘go sit on a mountaintop to ‘find God’

Today, I’ve come full circle back to the farm and I have discovered there is as much ignorance and deception in the sciences as there is in religion. Let me explain that last sentence with just one example and perhaps the most poignant example of how & why the ‘established science’ will not allow the truth to be told. I met a man, Bruce Tainio, years ago at an AcresUSA conference and became close friends with him. He was the most brilliant man I’ve ever personally known – a genius with a photographic mind. He could read a scientific book in minutes – the same book would take me weeks to read and I’m a fast reader. His memory of that book was perfect and mine was, well, N-O-T. You get the picture. Bruce would read every book or article on a subject and then he could analyze, compare and contrast all of it in his mind and the solutions to any problem or situation He could solve. He had proved the transmutation of elements happens using replicable experiments, exactly what ‘established science’ demands before they will believe it. Having sent this experiment along with the article which explained it and not hearing back from his ‘colleague’ in the ‘established-scienes’ world, he asked him if he would publish it. No, was the reply. Why not was explained to Bruce with, ‘Bruce, you don’t understand. I have tenure and if I published this all of science and the chemistry books… would have to be changed. I would lose my (money)…’. The bottom line was money. Jesus said it this way,’No man can serve two masters…mammon or God…’ That’s it. There are two choices in life – Mammon or God. I now have my understanding enlightened with this phrase and perhaps it may help someone else also: It’s nothing personal, it’s just business.
Starting with a 30 acre farm, I have a vision of creating the kingdom of God in earth as it is in heaven. What would that look like? Would one even recognize it if they saw it? How would you know it is the kingdom of God if you did not know what it looks like? All very good questions and questions which I will (attempt to) answer. I have a outlined a few categories which I believe are integral to establishing the kingdom of God in earth, such as 1)sustainable, 2)self-sufficient, 3)free to all, 4)freedom of/from(fill-in-the-blank), 5)government of God, by God & for God [this list is not complete and will change, be added to and adapted through time I’m sure]


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