Around the Farm

The Land Pi-Tai System is what makes the farm unique and makes it so much more functional than traditional farming methods. Some of the ideas & concepts you will come across include hugelkultur, permaculture, biodynamics and mob grazing techniques from a new perspective.
The land pi-tai system (LPTS) is using the vortex of power in a way which I hope to prove will protect dwellings and people from wind and other damaging weather phenomenon. By an understanding of how nature works with the vortex, putting this awesome principle to work allows us to work with nature rather than against it. The vortex is integral to biodynamic agriculture and Viktor Schauberger understood its principles in water and the workings of nature. Those same principles can be utilized when understood and applied to a new way of living within nature and allowing nature to nurture man rather than fearing nature and its weather extremes. I will explain in greater detail how the workings of the LPTS can be applied both in theory and practice. So stay tuned.


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