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Growing, fertilizing and building a self-sustainable completely independent life on a farm. This area includes the ‘land pi-tai’ system of creating and using vortex action on the land similar to Viktor Schauberger’s work in Austria.

compost made easy(cont.)

Making compost, like I said yesterday is much easier than most people have been lead to believe.  All organic matter will decompose and rot.  That much said, composting works much faster (better?) if you let it go through an animal first, whether it is a microbe or an elephant, cow, chicken, dog, earthworm or human!  Really, seriously.  Take your food scraps and send it through an animal and then put it out on the ground.  I can just hear some thoughts running through many heads now which could be summed up as,  “YUCK!!!!”   Okay, so you don’t want to walk around your yard, house or farm and step in the stuff.  Here’s the solution:   dig a hole – I use a post hole digger and go down about 3 to 4 ft and dump your food scraps in there.  Now, to keep the dogs and varmints from locating and digging it up, put 6 inches or more of coffee grounds on the top of it.  This keeps the animals from being able to smell it.

Burying your food scraps and even cardboard & paper will create an earthworm haven and arguably the best fertilizer in the world is earthworm castings.  A few anecdotal (is that the right word?) proofs here are some experiments I’ve done over the years.  When I first bought my farm in 1984, I did not find but one anemic, sickly-looking earthworm on the whole ten acres.  The land had been chemically farmed for years and was worn-out soil with less than .5 percent (that’s only one-half of one percent!!) organic matter.  Good soil by the way should have 6 – 8 % organic matter (O.M) in it.  So, what did I do?  I went out and found some gumbo clay soil which was even worse than I had on the farm and built a bermed mound with it and started dumping and mixing truckloads of shredded mulch in to it.  It took only about a year before I began finding a few, albeit small earthworms but they were coming.  I was excited and I’ve since learned better and better ways to enhance the soil-building process.

So, that’s it!  Shit happens and so does compost.  There are better & healthier ways to enhance that process, like vortex brewed compost tea and keyhole gardening which may become subjects for later posts.  Till then, peace & blessings,  Enjoy the day, love the life, live each moment.  Brother Thomas