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applies to the government or kingdom of God (YHWH) and how that relates to man and everyday living

slow food, slow life not slow people,i.e.,sheeple

First there was Slow Food as opposed to fast food.  Then there was living in the fast lane.  Well, I’m going to live in the slow lane so I’ve coined the word, SLOW LIFE!  Am I the first to coin the phrase?  I don’t know but here’s my definition of it and why I’m writing this blog now.

Years ago, approximately 36 years give or take a few months, I despaired of living and with the words, ‘If there’s a god up there who cares, “HELP!”  I don’t know if your name’s Buddha, Mohammed or what…’  Well, that ‘prayer’ of desperation started a journey which is changing faster and faster and part of the path in that journey has now lead me to share some of those experiences and teach others whom I may be able to help along the way.

Along that journey, I started a business in lawn care, landscaping and tree trimming, and at one time had 18 people employed.  I was rushing along so fast from 6 AM till 9 PM for seven days a week and loving every minute of it till the last three years when it no longer was fun.  Tried to get bigger, tried to downsize, tried all sorts of things but nothing worked.  The song, ‘Rushing, rushing and I don’t know why’ seemed to be the recurring theme of my life those final three years.  Finally, one day, I said out loud, Let’s shut this thing down and go find out what life is all about?!?  The peace and pressure lifting from off me was my confirmation and today,  SLOW LIFE is the new Earth which I am about.  My Father’s business is His life and His truth and His way and as the ‘world’ of man begins to reveal itself and slow(ly) His children start to wake up and realize what is happening around us, take a word of caution which He uttered into my spirit.   Do Not go back to the merchants of the world but seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness (His way) and all those ‘things’ the gentiles(rest of the world) is seeking after will be added unto you.   Ask me a question, anything! leave a comment – I am not easily offended as you’ll find out, but most of all, BE AT PEACE AND KNOW THAT I AM THAT I AM (let the reader understand)   Blessings,  Brother thomas