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Merry Christ Mass

I once read that Christmas means Christ Mass which comes from Catholicism. It refers to the mass of Christ or celebrating the death of Christ. I do not know if this is true or not. Does anyone know or have heard of this before?
BTW (by the way 😉 Why do we not celebrate the 7 feasts of the Lord? There are the four spring festivals or feasts and the three fall feasts. Another thought is this: Why do we use the (pope) Gregory or Gregorian calendar which the Roman Catholic pope made which is based upon the sun cycle rather than the calendar which is based upon the moon cycle which is where the original month or moonth came from? Another query to those open to such questions is: Why does the ‘day’ begin at midnight and not at sunset which is what the Holy Bible said was the beginning and ending of a ‘day’? I’m not putting biblical references in here at this time but if you would like them you may ask in your comment(s)
And last (maybe) question: Why does the year in pope(Gregorian’s) calendar begin in the ‘dead of winter’ and not in the spring as originally created by the Creator whom it is acknowledged that HE is Yah or YHVH? I suspect but have not read nor received any inspiration (yet) that the answer to the above questions has to do with the deception which Yah said He would put upon those who ‘loved not the truth…but delighted in unrighteousness'(not exactly quoted obviously but it comes from 2 Thessolonians I believe)
I’m doing a quick post here but just wanted to jot down some thoughts and wish each one out there PEACE & BLESSINGS, from Thomas ofYHVH