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Why would one want to leave the government which they’ve chosen to serve (as a citizen) and choose to switch their allegience to a foreign government which has no track record for either success or failure in earth? Why would all the demonstrated benefits of citizenship in, say, the USA or the UK or Canada not be preferable to a citizenship of heaven? When the track record for health benefits, food stamps, education for free, housing for free and earned income credit for not working are calculated in to the equation, it’s easy to see why some one would not opt to serve a different government from the one they’ve become accustomed to working for. I’m talking about those few men and women who have that gnawing uneasy feeling inside of them that something’s not quite right with the system they’ve chosen to serve and work for and are looking for an alternative. Those are the people who I’m talking about. For myself, I cannot serve a master, lord, ruler, god, president, king, judge nor any organization, institution or group whether it be a government or kingdom or any other corpus/body of believers if that entity chooses to kill, steal and destroy. Once I awoke to the reality that there are organizations which masquerade as ‘christian’ while choosing to plunder their neighbor by force and that I was a member of such an occult organization, I chose to ‘come out of her’ and separate myself from her. That ‘her’ in my situation was the USA and all its subsidiary organizations. Why I have chosen to leave boils down to one thing, sin. Yes, for me it is sin to know what is wrong with the USA and to continue to support, uphold, defend or be a part of it. I cannot, I will not and I won’t. For those who still believe in the godly character of the United States and who choose to live by their tenets of belief based upon that, all I can say is I can only lead a horse to water, I cannot make them drink.
I remember a situation years ago when I had realized how damaging chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides & all the other ‘cides were. I was teaching others not to use chemicals on their land and to use only natural or organic products. One of my customers asked me who could fertilize and maintain their lawn naturally and I knew of no one whom I could recommend. That dilemma presented an opportunity which I could either ignore, pretend it’s not my problem or I could do something about it. Not believing in sloughing off my responsibilities to others, I chose to do something about the problem and started to fertilize and treat lawns without the use of toxic chemicals. That is a similar situation I’ve encountered today where a friend made a seemingly innocuous statement that most people today in the modern western world have no alternative but to (serve) rely upon the government of the USA to provide for them. I think there is an alternative but since I’ve not seen that and I’m not one to tell others to do something which I would not do myself, I decided to design, build and live in TheKingdomOfGodInEarthAsItIsInHeaven, or TKOGIEAIIIH. Having made a prototype of this alternative to being OF THE WORLD and only wanting to live IN THE WORLD without being (a part)OF THAT WORLD, I now present to you, the reader my version of the garden of Eden. I call it the land pi-tai system of land use. It’s my idea so I can call it what I want.
Like I said earlier, if I cannot verify the quality, reliability and longevity of something, I cannot recommend it. I have now been living without any of the (commonly) accepted ‘documents’ (pieces of paper) which ignorance has dictated are necessary and mandatory. Now that I realize it is not only possible but far simpler, less confusing and brings great peace to whoever will follow in the footsteps of the One, Yahuwshua. Welcome to my world.


May 1, 2013Basic Camping Out Experience: How it

>May 1, 2013<
Basic Camping Out Experience:
How it all began,
The Basic CAMPING-OUT-EXPERIENCE is one day which begins at sunset on top of the ‘’moon deck’’. You will be camping out on top of the mountain, or, at least, the closest thing to a cabin in the woods on top of the mountain that I have been able to engineer, build, plan, design, fashion, fabricate, create and, all right even desecrate. Delectable delights include fresh food from the garden and fruit from whatever is in season, barbequed & smoked meats from natural, grass-fed beef, chicken, rabbit, turkey, fish, wild game & more will be catered to your wildest dreams. OOPS, there I go again getting ahead of myself! You may even have to catch & kill, clean, prepare & cook your own meal, but at least you’ll be camping out in the mountains, which is ONLY the’mountain in the Rio Grande Valley. Above the oppressive heat, mosquitoes and, if you haven’t guessed by now, well I’m trying to titillate, tantalize and treat your imagination to its fullest and satisfy those culinary cuisines we all crave. A healthy natural experience in an out-of-the-world location right here on top of the’mountain in your own backyard.
*Suggested donation 2 oz. silver, 2 USD or 2 dollars but please, none of those FRN’s or Federal Reserve Notes
*free will offering, no tax, no sweat, no blood, no problem!

Now, let me tell you that 7 people of the earth and One not of the earth is how it all began. It has been exhilarated by epiphanies, revelations, dramatic events, successes, failures, triumphs and, all right even a few tragedies! But, it has endured because of the One who, looking back I now realize had orchestrated it all.
I must tell you that this first Basic CAMPING-OUT-EXPERIENCE may have a few, ahem, glitches so New Earth farm tokens the equivalent of 1oz. silver each have been given to some of you neighbors, friends, acquaintances, family members, relatives, ? -you know who you are- again I hope you know who you are. OOPS, yet again there I go getting ahead of myself! Well… this is (to be continued)…

May 2, in the year of ?whose? calendar? Whose counting? Who is counting? !
I was asked yesterday by Robert the Handyman if His Church at New Earth farm is
…Oh, hello there, I’m back & restored, restrengthened & reinvigorated and literally (not trying to make it personal, or am I 😉 so lets call her melon…uc? Just for I AM the ONE) my back is healed 😉 thank YOU & you…

Any way the epiphanies or non-sense which came out was this:
If I ‘m) theONE who is creating … (to be cont’d)

May 3, in the year of?whose?calendar?whoiscounting?’
Feeling much better today. Back to the Basic CAMPING-OUT-EXPERIENCE. This begins at sunset on Friday, this evening and is a $50 value offering for free. It includes a BBQ of smoked meats, fish, or whatever. Also will be a Cajun specialty dish of Boudin sausage prepared by Chef (Debbie?, Clay?, ????) For those who may be interested to know, I will not be preparing it so you can enjoy it better 😉
The theme of this is THE ORIGINAL TIME PIECE. Most people are not even aware that the sun was not originally designed to be the ‘gate-keeper’ if I may use a phrase from the Wachowsky Brothers film wink-wink, hint-hint. Anyway, this teaches you how to tell the time, the month, the day and the hours of each by only using the moon. A real life saver if you know what I mean. If not, don’t worry about it because in just one 12 hour session you will be well on your way. There will be follow-up courses which go into more depth and detail on the subject but they are all predicated upon this first Basic CAMPING-OUT-EXPERIENCE.
There are 7 levels of understanding, wisdom & knowledge which may be gained from completing the CAMPING-OUT-EXPERIENCE at which time you will be able to live freely and independently anywhere on earth. But that’s a subject for later discussion. For now, let’s just see how this first Basic CAMPING-OUT-EXPERIENCE turns out and I’ll report back…

May 4th in the year of the Lord Pope Gregory 2013:
The first Basic CAMPING-OUT-EXPERIENCE went so smooth and effortlessly one would be astounded. Basically, it went without a hitch or even a hint of a complaint. Of course… (someone just called out to me_) Gotta run for now but the meteor shower from ?somewhere will be seen tomorrow at best viewing time between 4-6 AM from the moon deck. You’ve just received your invitation to it and we will be having left-over boudin balls. After all, he isn’t using them anyway 😉
FYI, at 1:47 AM I awoke and it was cold. I did not check but it was supposed to get down to 45 degrees this morning and it was clear, cold, crisp, calm, cool & collected without being cryogenic. Wow, say that 3X in a row! For us living in th’mountains of the Valley 45 degrees in MAY!!! ASTOUNDING… and the best part yet is that this is so-called global warming. LMAO! Trust me I’m from the government, so says Harry Reid,…
I just read an interesting article yesterday from Alfred Adask who quoted Harry Reid, I think?, isn’t he supposed to be the senate majority leader of the corporation known as The United States of America? Well, he says that ‘government is inherently good’ and Alfred jumped on that like a duck after a June bug. He quoted George Washington who is famous for saying that ‘government is force like fire, a fearful servant and a dangerous master’. For us awakened Ones (take note: NEO is not the only ONE who has awakened 😉
Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall in the Wachowski sp? Brothers kitchen when they were writing ‘The Matrix’?
Approximately 2000 years ago Yahuwshua told a parable about ten bridesmaids falling asleep at the wedding feast while the bride groom delayed his coming and at midnight the trumpet sounded waking them all up. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this one because you sure do not want to be the 50% that woke up who went back to the merchants of the world and missed out on the whole wedding feast celebration do you?
Well, the second Basic CAMPING-OUT-EXPERIENCE will be starting at sunset today and ends at dawn. I’ll report back to you. Good night, NEW-MAN!
(to be cont’d)
May 5th, in the year of the Lord Pope Gregory 2013:
I hope those of you who are reading this have, by now, realized that the date and calendar, i.e, the days and seasons, have been changed from their origin(s). Man, according to the scriptures and from the best research of which I've been privileged to learn, were given to know the days of the week and the weeks of the month according to the moon, thus referred to herein as the 'moonth' to distinguish it from the month of Pope Gregory's calendar which use the sun.
Last night was the first night I did not wake up in the middle of the night to go out to the moon deck to be inspired in almost 2 1/2 weeks.
I probably needed the sleep, but I did meet a most interesting 'sister' this morning at the internet cafe. Through her genius inspiration, I was able to copy & paste the last several days of writing, finally! to this blog so you'll be able to read about what's happening on the farm.
(to be cont'd)